Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Style lovers amongst us know what it's like in the fashion world, it's a tough world to survive in! Seasons come and go and fashion week arrives with haste. At the end of each season designers get ready for orders and it's our independent boutiques who pick up on the unique designs that make London Fashion Week and the worldwide fashion calendar so special... 
We celebrate the many stores and tastemakers who cherry pick designers with Fashiion Independents' Day #FIDAY an awareness day where fashion commentators and bloggers run around London visiting stores and posting their experience on social media. The person with the most votes wins. In conjunction with Frock Advisor it's a fun way to explore the diversity on fashion scene from the catwalk to the street. So come and join us on Thursday 28th May either online or in person and support independent fashion boutiques.
Go to... http://frockadvisor.com for more information. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Step back in time... Personal appearance at The Proud Archivist Wednesday 27th May

Some you might know I've been collecting my thoughts and experiences for a while now. Come and join me for a reading and Q&A later this month...

Monday, 9 March 2015

Having a moment with Lulu... 'The one thing that's always been there for me is the music'

Last week I went to an informal chat between Cerys Matthews, she of Catatonia and the one and only Lulu to promote Lulu's brand new album 'Making Life Rhyme'. I've actually met Lulu a couple of times and well I stood behind her in the Take That video for the Dan Hartman cover Relight My Fire dressed in a chain-mail bikini, it is a blink and you'll miss me moment btw. 

Having a moment with Lulu!
She's been resigned to Decca, and after revealing she's been in a bit of dark place of late Lulu is really feeling the love as she is about to embark on a tour. 'The one thing that's always been there for me is the music', she says. 
She first signed to Decca at the age of 14 and pretty swiftly became a sensation singing all those songs we know and love her for... Shout, To Sir With Love the list goes on, I liked it when she dueted with Bowie for The Man Who Sold The World lol. Cerys was really good at taking a trip down Lulu's memory lane bringing up her tv career highlights like when Jimi Hendrix decided to change tack on one of her shows launching into a Cream song by way of a dedication. 
Lulu always saw herself as a singing artist-not a songwriter so this album is a bit of a revelation, both on a personal level and in the wider scheme of things. Writing with her brother Billy Lawrie Lulu has been witness to some great songwriters of our time, Elton John, Barry Gibb... Somewhere along the line she's subconsciously been taking notes because she's honed her own songwriting skills and let it be known Lulu can write a hook!
Her style is a bit blusey, her raspy soulful voice is well suited to her old style r 'n' b and she looks like she's rather enjoying herself. As she so aptly put it, 'It started with the music and it's ended with the music'. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Battle of the Beehives... Are bouffants about to make a come back?

One of the most iconic hairstyles the beehive or bouffant has been ruling since the 50's. I believe 'Teasy Weasy' Raymond Bessone is likely to have been the originator although it's said Margaret Vinci Heldt apparently invented it in 1960.

'Teasy Weasy' Raymond

It's a look that the wearer automatically gets the sense of dynamic elegance, I worked a bouffant in the late 70's for about 5 years and it gave me a defining style. I often revisit the old beehive for an airing. 

Me... 1979

Inspirational beehive wearers in the 70's included the fabulous Jordan, shop girl at Sex and later Seditionairies, Malcolm McClaren and Vivienne Westwoods original shop at Worlds End.

Jordan around '77

And of course the characters in John Waters early films were as they are now an inspiration to get a beehive on.

   Susan Walsh, Divine, and Cookie Mueller: In the film "Female Trouble" by John Waters.

Edie 'Egg Woman' Massey

From 1958 the reportage photography of Karlheinz Weinberger as he recorded the style of local Hell's Angels has become a constant reference point.

And here's Amy Winehouse looking like she brought the Weinberger book and took notes.


  Let us not forget our iconic wearers... Dusty Springfield and Brigit Bardot.

The Supremes

Ethel Merman

Phyllis Diller

Lovers of international  hair take tips from Raine Spencer...

Who must have taken tip from her mother Barbara cartland!


I'm sure devotees of said look will know what I'm going on about lol!

Mostly obsessed with a/w 2015 season of illustration on fashion...

Is it only me but have you noticed the way illustration on fashion is a thing for the coming season. I'm a regular supporter of London fashion Week and keep an eye what's going on further afield...

Let's start off with James Long and James Davison's transported work. James has been busy sketching away on the front rows this season but for James Davison his drawings became part of the fabric. Davison says he felt quite detached once he saw his artwork being worn. Personally I like the way artwork takes on another life away from the flatness of paper. 

James Long menswear LC:M a/w 2015 with James Davison's illustration.
James Davison's sketch for Sibling menswear a/w 2015
For a/w 2015 Claire barrow, a prolific painter, created collection 'High Flyers'. Her signature work is key to her  designs. She paints onto everything, leather, silk, prints and embroidery feature everywhere. 

Most wantable, Claire Barrow's emblazoned leather trench coat a/w 205

Swirling faces on silk, Claire Barrow a/w 2015
Over at Kim Jones' house, delving into his passion for Christopher Nemmeth Kim created a menswear collection for Louis Vuiton using a homagé of imagery.

Kim Jones for Louis Vuiton featuring the work of Christopher Nemmeth a/w 2015 
I have to include the fact that Peter Jensen used my own watercolours this season...

Peter Jensen wool crepe dress with detail a/w 2015

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hanging out with Peter Jensen

As you might know each season Peter Jensen chooses a muse to base hand inspire a collection. A/W 2015 and it's me... He's also used some of my artwork as prints. So here's a sneak peek...

Catch up with Peter at peterjensen.co.uk  

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Some favourite moments from London Collections:Men A/W 2015

Lovely time running around LC:M last weekend, here's a few of my best moments...

First up MAN show and Liam Hodges, we're in love with his patches which are a recurring theme and pop up in inventive ways. Slogans and sandwich boards featured.
Here's Owen modeling for Liam he usually makes music btw.

Slogans from Liam Hodges
Quick run round the corner to Victoria House in Bloomsbury to have a look at what Kit Neale is up to this season. This was his debut catwalk show, he usually does a presentation. Lot's of fun playing with ideas of childhood toys as inspiration.
Plus a bit of Andrew Logan jewelry.

Kit Neales boys
Alas and woe I never made it to Lou Dalton's show, it was at 10am on Saturday morning, but as ever Lou always impresses me. What's it always being called? Unstructured tailoring... it's more than that though.
Looking handsome at Lou Dalton
The Sibling team, that's Joe, Sid and Cozette went all pink with a fantastic show. We all left smiling, beautiful knits, lot's of attitude. A sense of rebellion in the happiest of ways.

Everything from Sibling
Next up and my beloved James Long. James worked a relaxed tone with bits hanging off, wrapped up and ready to go plus some fabulous prints from artist James Davison... loved! Oh and there's some polo necks peeking through. Love a polo neck.

James Long illustrated
A dash round to Fashion East... Omg Grace Wales Bonner was my fave. Ebonics was her title theme. She presented a group of jeweled up boys dressed rather luxuriantly I must say. Inspired by 70's decadence, poetics and Harlem Renaissance. Right up my street, camp!

Everythings for Real

Boy beauty at Wales Bonner

I didn't get to see Christopher Shannon this season but I wish I had... that man is so clever. Look at his take on 'trash culture'. 
Christopher Shannon's great knit