Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hanging out with Peter Jensen

As you might know each season Peter Jensen chooses a muse to base hand inspire a collection. A/W 2015 and it's me... He's also used some of my artwork as prints. So here's a sneak peek...

Catch up with Peter at  

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Some favourite moments from London Collections:Men A/W 2015

Lovely time running around LC:M last weekend, here's a few of my best moments...

First up MAN show and Liam Hodges, we're in love with his patches which are a recurring theme and pop up in inventive ways. Slogans and sandwich boards featured.
Here's Owen modeling for Liam he usually makes music btw.

Slogans from Liam Hodges
Quick run round the corner to Victoria House in Bloomsbury to have a look at what Kit Neale is up to this season. This was his debut catwalk show, he usually does a presentation. Lot's of fun playing with ideas of childhood toys as inspiration.
Plus a bit of Andrew Logan jewelry.

Kit Neales boys
Alas and woe I never made it to Lou Dalton's show, it was at 10am on Saturday morning, but as ever Lou always impresses me. What's it always being called? Unstructured tailoring... it's more than that though.
Looking handsome at Lou Dalton
The Sibling team, that's Joe, Sid and Cozette went all pink with a fantastic show. We all left smiling, beautiful knits, lot's of attitude. A sense of rebellion in the happiest of ways.

Everything from Sibling
Next up and my beloved James Long. James worked a relaxed tone with bits hanging off, wrapped up and ready to go plus some fabulous prints from artist James Davison... loved! Oh and there's some polo necks peeking through. Love a polo neck.

James Long illustrated
A dash round to Fashion East... Omg Grace Wales Bonner was my fave. Ebonics was her title theme. She presented a group of jeweled up boys dressed rather luxuriantly I must say. Inspired by 70's decadence, poetics and Harlem Renaissance. Right up my street, camp!

Everythings for Real

Boy beauty at Wales Bonner

I didn't get to see Christopher Shannon this season but I wish I had... that man is so clever. Look at his take on 'trash culture'. 
Christopher Shannon's great knit

Monday, 1 December 2014


Barney 'Bubbles' La Clar is really my flat mates dog, I never regarded myself as a dog lover, I am now so here are some pictures from Rebecca Thomas of Saturday's Nelson's Head dog fancy dress. We didn't enter as I was compering and the designer of Bubbles' and my own outfit James Long was a celeb judge! Didn't seem right somehow...

James Long and Bubbles
Rebecca Thomas
Nelson's Head
James Long

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Nelson's Head Dog Fancy Dress 2014 'Barks 'n' Laughs'

One of my favourite locals The Nelsons Head is having their annual dog fancy dress parade on Saturday 29th November, and yes I'm the compere.  This is always a real hoot dog lovers! See you there from 3pm onwards...

The Nelsons 

To enter your dog just turn up... with your dog in the most inventive and fashionable costume!

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Over the past week Fringe! Fest has been taking over east London with a series of events. On Friday the 7th dj, film maker and archivist Jeffrey Hinton presents 'Willy Nilly' an evening consisting of his own film work, a relaxed chat entitled 'Percieved Freedom' with guests Luke Howard and Al Pellay amongst others and performance from the legendary Bertie Marshall, Boy With Wings and Rudi Marshall. Afterwhich Jeffrey will be taking us on a musical journey with his own dj selection till 1am.

Jeffrey's films are...

'I Filmed this at a VERY sweaty packed Vogue Fabrics.
In Fact unless you were right at the front you wouldn't have seen this performance like this (even if you were there),
as I was virtually on top of them, it's a very intimate film and Full of Energy...'

HYDRAULIC DISCO - IM IN HEAVEN - 'A three minute immersive experience of being on the Heaven Dance floor at the height of Disco Hydraulic lighting. With homage to Lime, Sylvester and Divine.'

DRAGARGE - IN HIGH-ENERGY SPLIT SCREEN - 'A fast journey through Jeffrey Hinton's Archive.
And shown for the first time in Hi-Energy Split Screen
Capturing intimate moments from the Street , Backstage and Clubs etc.  Filmed in London, New York and Brazil from 1975 - 2014.'

All stills courtesy of Jeffrey Hinton.

From 8.30pm till 1am at - click on The Hackney Picture House... Hackney Attic 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Lot's to report over the next few months one of which is that I've been asked to dress a Christmas tree for Make Hackney Sparkle this year. What is Make hackney Sparkle? Well I heard about it last year as fashion designer Louise Gray dressed a tree, but it's basically a series of events around Hackney. In this case 5 trees are selected to stand in 5 areas around East London, local designers and creatives are then asked to dress a tree. I'm doing the Shoreditch one this year, James Long is taking part along with menswear designers Lou Dalton and Craig Green. I'm looking forward to what they are going to do.

I've decided to pay homage to the drag, trans, LGBT, dressing up and performance community in the area by dressing the tree with drag heels gleaned from friends and topping it off with some huge gonky wigs. I feel it's very important that our presence in the area is represented... all those years dragging our heels around local hotspots in full makeup helping to make Hackney such a vibrant and cultural and hopefully safe area! I am also thinking about traditional and historical drag i.e. Cinderella and the Pantomime Dame. 
Anyway here are some preliminary ideas so you get the picture...

Lights on 29th November at Hackney Town Hall... 


Thursday, 24 July 2014


Derek Ridgers described himself as a 'rank amateur' when he first started out. Equipped with 'one camera and one lens', he later expanded on his kit in order to capture his vision with more versatility. His subjects are the people you might look twice at when passing them in the street. I've been one of them down the years. An unassuming man preferring his role as documenter and social voyeur, polite to the extreme he always asks his subjects permission to photograph them, 'I was never interested in photographing people unless they were looking at the lens'. Perhaps Derek sees himself as an outsider, in actual fact he has become an integral 'insider', his photographic reportage being pivotal in recording transitional era's of dressing from the mid 70's onwards. In his latest book 78- 87 London Youth Ridgers reveals a counter culture of people obsessed with personal style, pointing his lens towards the characters that populate our fair city you get the feeling he himself is both obsessed and intrigued. Dressing in outlandish style or belonging to one particular scene is not something Ridger's feels compelled to do on a personal level but it's something he feels driven to document,  'I suppose I might have been fashionable when I was 15 [years old] for ten minutes'. His stern father mocked him at a tender age telling the young Derek he could not wear a seemingly garish item of apparel of Derek's own choice out in the street, at the time Derek quickly responded with a quip, 'Well can I wear it indoors then?'

All photo's courtesy Derek Ridgers